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Vegetables into the fresh cabinet refrigeration considerations

Vegetables into the fresh cabinet refrigeration considerations

In the daily diet, vegetables are often used by people, but also a wide variety. In supermarkets, you often see a lot of different kinds of vegetables in the supermarket vegetable crisper. Vegetables contain essential nutrients in the human body. Through the vegetable crisper aspect of understanding, we can know that many vegetables have to enhance their immunity, enhance the role of resistance, in the daily diet to eat more vegetables can promote health. Supermarkets in order to let the vegetables continue to maintain fresh, now the business will be placed in the vegetable crisper for refrigeration.

Vegetable preservation cabinet is now a necessary refrigerated preservation equipment in the supermarket business, vegetable preservation cabinet can reduce the cabinet temperature routine in 2 ~ 8 degrees, so the vegetables into the cabinet can make the moisture is not easy to lose. Vegetables in the freshness cabinet, not only to ensure the freshness of vegetables, to ensure that nutrition is not lost, but more importantly, look good, increase customer desire to buy. And the largest content of vegetables is water, if the loss of water in the fruit nutrients will be lost, so keep the moisture in the vegetables is the most important in the preservation process.

But with the vegetable preservation cabinet, pay attention to the different vegetable preservation methods. Long contact with air will accelerate the maturity of vegetables, such as tomatoes. To be packed with plastic wrap first and then put in the vegetable crisper. Celery in freshness to note is the leaves and poles have to be wrapped with plastic bags, and then put into the vegetable crisper to freeze.

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