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  • 4 Door Ventilated Fridge 4 Door Ventilated Fridge 09 10,2020 The whole modular unit Is convenient for directly replacing the unit after the sale. The powerful refrigeration unit can quickly return to a safe temperature to achieve the highest operating quality a... VIEW
  • Hotelex Exhibition Hotelex Exhibition 09 10,2020 BESTTOP participated in the 2019 Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition, and its professional team and high-quality products are deeply loved by customers. Attracted many domestic and foreign customers t... VIEW
  • 6 Door Big Volume Freezer 6 Door Big Volume Freezer 09 10,2020 Use 2 sets of units, good cooling effect, fast cooling speed, large volume. VIEW
  • Countertop Bakery Showcase Countertop Bakery Showcase 09 10,2020 Small size countertop bakery showcase, Beautiful appearance, and excellent display effect. Perfect details and arc design. It is the best choice for many small supermarkets and convenience stores. VIEW
  • Drawer Sliding Drawer Sliding 09 10,2020 Stainless steel drawers with perforated bottom plates and telescopic sliding guides, capable of complete retraction, to economize working surface. Other drawer configurations are also available upon r... VIEW
  • Evaporator Fan Control Switch Evaporator Fan Control Switch 09 10,2020 When the door is opened, the fan stops to prevent cold air from blowing out, saving energy. VIEW
  • High Quality Wheel High Quality Wheel 09 10,2020 Swivel wheels and adjusting feet are optional. VIEW
  • Packing Video Packing Video 09 10,2020 Every refrigerator at BESTTOP will be carefully packed to ensure that it is safely delivered to customers by sea. OEM products can also be designed for individual packaging and carton logo design. VIEW
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