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What are the advantages of air-cooled safes?

What are the advantages of air-cooled safes?

With the development of science and technology and social progress, the market of the freezer is expanding, the same refrigeration technology is constantly improving. Therefore, the market according to the different refrigeration technology of refrigeration equipment will be divided into two types, respectively, air-cooled and direct cooling. Fresh cabinet is also a kind of commercial refrigerator, because of the different ways of refrigeration also has the air-cooled fresh cabinet and direct cooling fresh cabinet points.

According to the survey of refrigeration equipment, people prefer to use in the fresh cabinet. Why air-cooled fresh cabinet will be so favored by the business, what is the reason? 

The biggest feature of air-cooled crisper is frost-free, air-cooled refrigeration method is cyclic, the resulting cold gas after the deodorization system of filtration, can make the cabinet to keep fresh, there will be no pungent "cooler smell", but also to reduce the phenomenon of food crosstalk between each other. Air-cooled fresh cabinet evaporator does not have direct contact with the food, it can be heated through the heating system on the evaporator short time heating, when the frost immediately after the recovery of refrigeration. This kind of refrigeration way to solve the problem that a single cooling technology can not be solved, air-cooled fresh cabinet in the cold air dispersion uniform.

Direct cooling fresh cabinet mainly relies on natural convection direct cooling, near the evaporator area temperature is low, away from the temperature is relatively high, so the food in the cabinet is easy due to uneven temperature and spoilage. But the air-cooled fresh cabinet is different, it uses microcomputer temperature automatic control technology makes the cabinet temperature balance, will not affect the quality of food refrigeration.

Small capacity fresh cabinet power consumption is higher than the straight cold fresh cabinet, but the general commercial large air-cooled fresh cabinet power consumption is lower than the straight cold.

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