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What are the advantages of supermarket refrigerators?

What are the advantages of supermarket refrigerators?

Compared with general freezers, supermarket freezers have obvious advantages. Supermarket freezer cabinets are very sturdy, which can extend the life of the freezer. There is a solid steel frame between the freezer shell and the inner tank. The steel frame structure is very stable and can be lifted. To achieve the effect of overall support, the door frame of the freezer completely adopts the integral welding technology, which can be formed at one time. If the door is not strong, the door frame will fall off.

Commercial upright freezer glass door in the supermarket has professional commercial compression equipment. The compression equipment starts very quickly and has complete specifications. It can be divided into different types according to the different cooling capacity. Customers can choose the corresponding configuration according to the requirements of refrigerated food.


Commercial compression equipment can operate in harsh environments, can be started frequently, and will not be damaged after long-term operation. The quality of the freezer can be guaranteed. The price of commercial compression equipment is much higher than that of general compression equipment, and the probability of failure is very small. .

Supermarket refrigerators have a very fast cooling rate, which can keep the temperature within a certain range. Supermarket refrigerators can maintain a lower working temperature, which is helpful for the preservation of food and fresh-keeping items.

Supermarket refrigerators can be used to store plant foods, to ensure that the food juice is above the freezing point, and to ensure that the plant foods are in a fresh state. Supermarket refrigerators can not only ensure that the temperature of the refrigerator is within the specified range, but also obtain a better freezing effect.

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