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What Are the Benefits of a Stainless Steel Commercial Refrige

What Are the Benefits of a Stainless Steel Commercial Refrige

How to make the commercial kitchen clean and tidy? Maybe we should choose the stainless steel commercial fridge from Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Here are some advantages of stainless steel commercial fridge:

1. Stainless steel cabinet is durable and resistant to rust. It is easy to clean, not easy to dust. It has wire drawing texture and it is no oil stain, clean and sanitary.

2. Good insulation effect. Compared with the glass door and aluminum alloy door frame, the door of stainless steel commercial fridge produced by Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is thick, and with good sealing effect and more energy saving.

3. Multi temperature sub box design, convenient management. The traditional refrigerator is either a freezer or a fresh-keeping cabinet, while our stainless steel commercial fridge is not only a freezer but also a fresh-keeping cabinet. It adopts multi temperature and sub box design, which is convenient for classified management. The frozen type can be placed in the frozen area, and the fresh-keeping type can be placed in the fresh-keeping area.

4. High end atmosphere. For open kitchens, stainless steel commercial fridges are also display cabinets. stainless steel commercial fridges are more high-end and beautiful.

5. Finally, there are many styles, including refrigerator style and worktable style. The worktable of our refrigerator is not only a refrigerator, but also a chopping board in the kitchen. During operation, the food materials can be put in the fresh-keeping cabinet under the worktable at any time.

Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. has rich experience and wide knowledge. Our expertise lies in the kitchen, commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, bakery display cabinet, ice machine and other fields. We strictly control all aspects of procurement, design, assembly, commissioning, testing, packaging and transportation in order to ensure the best quality.

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