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What are the benefits of buying refrigerators with glass doors in supermarkets?

What are the benefits of buying refrigerators with glass doors in supermarkets?

In food shops, cake shops, bakeries, etc., we will find large and small glass freezers installed in them, which contain a variety of food or products. Generally speaking, this kind of freezer can also provide temperature The harsh environment prevents food from corrosion and decay, and for display needs, glass doors are often installed on their surfaces.

We often see convenience store freezers, they are all transparent glass. Why does the freezer manufacturer design this way? What are its advantages and what are its main functions?


In fact, there is a reason for the design of convenience store freezers. Their main use is to refrigerate beverages and yogurt in supermarkets and convenience stores. The use of glass doors can better display the goods, and also allows customers to select goods without opening the freezer door, avoiding more air-conditioning to affect the cooling effect. Its gorgeous design makes everyone love this product, but it also has shortcomings, especially in the rainy season, there will be fog on the glass door.

The fog in the freezer of convenience store is formed by the condensed water vapor in the air. When the freezer is used in a place with high temperature and high humidity, the surface of the glass door of the freezer will merge with the moisture in the air due to the relatively low temperature. Water mist will appear on the glass door of the freezer in the convenience store. This seriously affects the purchase of goods by customers and also affects the beauty of the goods. So how should we deal with this phenomenon?

In fact, some freezers manufacturers have already made good solutions to this problem. For example, BESTTOP's convenience store freezers have an automatic defogging function, and their luxury convenience store freezers have a defogging function. And if you are not satisfied, you can press the defogging button to force the defogging. Pressing the forced defogging has no effect on the operation of our convenience store freezer, and it still runs normally.

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