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What are the characteristics of the freezer?

What are the characteristics of the freezer?

All evaporating tubes of high-quality refrigerators are made of high-quality copper coils and processed into wide-faced special shapes. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and clean, and the thickness of the whole plate is uniform. The use of an appropriate thickness not only ensures a long service life, but also makes the appearance of the refrigerator flat and strong. Copper pipes have better cooling effect and better corrosion resistance than aluminum pipes or composite pipes. High-quality copper coils have the advantages of high cleanliness in the pipe and fewer pipe joints, which can effectively prevent internal leakage or blockage failures in the refrigeration system. The round tube is processed into a rectangle, so that the contact between the evaporation tube and the cold transfer liner is changed from point contact to surface contact, which enlarges the transfer area and speeds up the cooling speed.

Features of the freezer:

The dual refrigeration technology of the undercounter chillers and freezers solves the technical problems that are difficult to overcome by a single refrigeration method, so that there is no cooling blind zone in the cabinet. The 500mm super wide shelf provides customers with a larger effective display area and more inventory. The lamp tube placed at the front of each shelf enhances the display effect of the items in the cabinet. The integrated foaming of the freezer and the firm and reliable steel frame foundation make the cabinet better in heat preservation and the structure is more robust and durable. The inner bladder of the color steel cabinet with strong corrosion resistance increases the service life of the cabinet. The freezer's fully transparent glass side panels make the items in the cabinet clear at a glance and enhance the display effect of the items in the cabinet. The digital thermostat controlled by the microcomputer makes the temperature control of the items in the cabinet more accurate and the system more energy-saving.

The refrigeration load of the refrigeration room of the freezer is the heat that must be taken out of the refrigeration room per unit time; or the amount of cold that the refrigeration room obtains from the refrigerator in the unit time. The purpose of calculating the refrigeration load of the refrigeration room is to correctly and reasonably determine the cooling equipment load and mechanical load of each cold room. The refrigeration load of the cold room is not constant throughout the year, and its load size is affected by many aspects. For example, changes in the external environment temperature, the amount of food storage in the cold room, the difference in the amount of cold processing of food in the off-season and peak seasons, and many factors in the operation and management methods. Usually, the calculation of the cooling load is one of the first tasks in the design of the cold storage refrigeration device. one. Therefore, it is very important for the refrigeration design to reasonably determine the refrigeration load of the cold room.

When calculating the cooling load of the refrigerator, unfavorable working conditions should be considered. This is the principle of outdoor calculations. For rooms that transfer heat from indoor to outdoor, the outdoor temperature in the hot season should be considered; while for rooms that transfer heat from outdoor to indoor, the outdoor temperature in cold seasons should be considered. The cold rooms of cold storage are mostly of the type that transfers heat from indoor to outdoor.

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