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What are the effects of impurities entering the cooler

What are the effects of impurities entering the cooler

Usually when we use the freezer, we need to clean the freezer regularly. The main purpose of commercial freezer manufacturers cleaning is to avoid the impact of debris on the normal use of the freezer, because the freezer manufacturers freezer refrigeration system is a sealed circulation system, need to always keep clean and free of impurities.

Generally speaking, the impurities affecting the supermarket freezer refrigeration system are mainly lubricants, air and moisture. These are very detrimental to the refrigeration equipment and need to be cleaned up in a timely manner. Moisture entering the freezer will increase the evaporation temperature. Air infiltration into the refrigeration system will lead to increased pressure.

Specific performance in four areas.

1, low cooling power.

2, short service life of the freezer.

3, high refrigeration temperature. To the need for a constant low-temperature environment for food preservation brings safety risks.

4, slow cooling speed. Due to the large amount of loaded food and large food turnover, the temperature of the freezer cannot be reduced, and the hygiene and safety of stored food cannot be guaranteed.

We need to pay attention to these problems when using the freezer to avoid damage to the freezer equipment. Once the freezer refrigeration equipment is damaged, it will not work properly, so we need to maintain the freezer regularly.

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