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What Are the Factors Affecting the Freezer Price?

What Are the Factors Affecting the Freezer Price?

When merchants are selecting freezers, they care more about the freezer price rather than whether the appearance is showy. As we all know, according to the different configuration of the freezer, the price is not the same. Therefore, what are the factors affecting the freezer price?

1. Differences in the quality of the compressor

The compressor with an excellent performance which is made according to the mature technology is still popular, which is mainly reflected in the aspects of its stable performance, reliable quality and being not easy to be damaged.

BESTTOP preferentially selects the high-performance compressors, in order to improve the durability of the freezer. We take responsibility for not only our customers, but also our freezer products. High-quality core products can earn more customer's welcome, and provide a good market environment and brand image for manufacturers.

2. The indoor compressor and outdoor compressor

They have their own strong points and weak points. The indoor compressor is convenient to move, but has disadvantages of the low refrigeration efficiency, indoor heat dissipation and indoor noise; While the outdoor compressor conducts heat dissipation outdoors and has small indoor noise, which can be ignored. Of course, the cost of the outdoor compressor is relatively high, which is mainly used in some larger display cabinets, and the indoor compressor is mainly used in island cabinets, commercial vertical freezers that are easy to move, and not suitable for the the outdoor machine.

3. Material comparison of refrigerating tubes

The high-quality refrigerating tube is made of the copper, and the inferior one is the aluminum tube or the alloy tube; The more high-grade thermal insulation materials are made by the polyurethane foaming technology and includes sealed and non-deformation aluminum alloy door edge; What's more, the defogging function of glass is very important, the freezer of BESTTOP uses hollow double glass and built-in heater strip so as to prevent the occurrence of fogging phenomenon.

4. Refrigerating method

The directly cold type freezer has features of electricity saving, slow refrigeration and low cost; While air-cooled freezer has a high efficiency and speed, but more electricity consumption.

5. Temperature control system

There are manual and automatic transmissions. Manual transmission is simple and easy to operate, but the refrigeration is not accurate; While automatic transmission with LED computer temperature controller, boasts a higher refrigeration precision and is easy to manage.

In a word, the factors that affect the freezer price are various, such as the pricing of the merchants. Reasonable price can win consumers, and high cost performance can get the recognition of the market, enabling freezer businessman to obtain more orders thereby.

Finally, the freezer of BESTTOP is directly sold by the source manufacturers, which avoids middlemen to earn money in price difference, and lets your freezer more affordable and cost-effective. Welcome to buy.

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