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What Are the Factors That Affect the Commercial Fridge Freezer?

What Are the Factors That Affect the Commercial Fridge Freezer?

High outdoor temperature means that air conditioning and commercial refrigerator freezers also consume more power, which often occurs when the freezer is not cooled or the temperature cannot drop down.

There are many factors affecting the refrigeration of commercial grade refrigerator freezer. What are the specific factors?

1. Climate

If the temperature is too high, the energy consumed by the commercial fridge freezer will be higher, otherwise it will save more electricity, and the climate will directly affect the service life of the compressor.

2. Heat dissipation

In order to improve the refrigeration efficiency, good heat dissipation performance is necessary. However, if the commercial refrigerator freezer is placed unreasonably, it will affect the hot gas emission of the freezer, and also affect the refrigeration effect. At the same time, outdoor compressor due to the exposure to sunlight, high temperature, will occur poor refrigeration or even no refrigeration phenomenon.

3. Maintenance of commercial refrigerators and freezers

The freezer should be kept clean to prevent pipe congestion, which leads to difficult heat dissipation or difficult air-conditioning transportation. The freezer should be maintained regularly.

4. Display of goods

Many businesses, due to limited space, tend to fill the shelves of commercial refrigerator and freezer. This will affect the flow and circulation of the air in the refrigerating chamber, so as to reduce the refrigeration effect and increase the burden of the compressor.

5. Compressor

The compressor is the heart of the whole commercial refrigerator freezer. It can be said that the quality of the compressor directly affects the refrigeration effect.

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