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What are the hazards of substandard kitchenware materials?

What are the hazards of substandard kitchenware materials?

In a commercial kitchen, any detail can affect the safety of ingredients. Kitchen appliances are one of the key influencing factors. The safety factor of the kitchen is very important. Unqualified kitchen appliances are likely to cause great harm to a catering industry. Therefore, as a manager in the catering industry, you should start by purchasing high-quality kitchen reach in equipment. How to choose a high-quality kitchen equipment manufacturer? What are the hazards of substandard kitchenware materials?

1. Unqualified stainless steel pots have a great safety risk, which is generally reflected as excessive chromium.

2. There is a problem of excessive lead dissolution in unqualified stone pots.

3. Aluminium pot, can not hold pickled products because pickled products are strong acid and strong alkali dishes.

As a popular rigid demand manufacturing industry, choosing a high-quality kitchen equipment factory can well prevent this type of problem.

BESTTOP's stainless steel commercial refrigerators are made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel plates and well-known high-quality accessories. The products are solid materials, stable in performance, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and provide safe and guaranteed commercial refrigerators to customers all over the world.

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