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What are the important parts of the freezer?

What are the important parts of the freezer?

1. The freezer compressor is the core part of the refrigeration system and the heart of the freezer. Its operating environment is different from that of a domestic freezer, and its working intensity is much higher than that of a domestic freezer. Therefore, a good compressor is the guarantee for the stable and long-term operation of the freezer.

2. Thermal insulation performance is also more important. If a freezer does not have a good thermal insulation effect, the air-conditioning will continue to leak. The best compressor is no use. Since the compressor works continuously, it not only consumes electricity, but even burns the compressor. .

3. The prerequisite for good heat preservation performance requires a better cabinet door. The airtightness of the freezer door should be checked when purchasing. The airtightness is good and the freezer is not easy to lose. On the contrary, the airtightness is not good and it consumes more electricity.

4. The refrigerator is inherently durable and large-scale electrical appliances. In the high-strength and harsh operating environment, minor problems will inevitably occur. Therefore, you must understand the after-sales problems of the product when you buy it. Only the formal refrigeration manufacturers can do the service well, which is also a point that must be paid attention to when buying a freezer.

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