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What are the precautions when using the freezer for the first time?

What are the precautions when using the freezer for the first time?

First, it is necessary to check whether the placement of refrigerators, freezers, and fresh-keeping cabinets meet the requirements. In addition, check that the voltage of the power supply is stable and unstable, and whether it meets the requirements of refrigeration equipment. For example, electric freezers and refrigerators use 220 volts, 50 Hz single-phase AC power supplies. When these refrigeration equipment work normally, their voltage fluctuations can be allowed to be about 187 ~ 242 volts, but if the fluctuations are large, or If it fluctuates high and low, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the refrigeration equipment compressor, and in severe cases, it will even burn the compressor.


In addition, the voltage is too high, which will burn out the coil inside the motor due to too much current; if the voltage is too low, it will be very difficult to start the compressor, which will cause frequent starts and burn out the motor of the compressor. Therefore, when the voltage of the power supply fluctuates greatly, an additional automatic voltage stabilizer can be installed if conditions permit. Toyo Refrigerator recommends using a voltage stabilizer above 750W. Electric refrigerators and fresh-keeping cabinets use dedicated three-hole sockets, which are wired separately. If the ground wire device is not installed, a ground wire should be installed. This can greatly avoid the possibility of electric shock. When setting the grounding wire, the grounding terminal should be buried in a depth of about 1.8 meters underground, and the grounding resistance should not be greater than 0.1 ohm. This is very important. Do not use tap water and The gas pipeline is used as the ground wire, and it is absolutely allowed to connect to the telephone line or the ground wire of the lightning rod, which will be extremely dangerous.

Next, after checking all this, let the refrigerator, freezer, and fresh-keeping cabinet stand for half an hour, and then turn on the power, then you will be successful.


(1) Freezers cannot be used in places with flammable and explosive gases. For example, the freezer cannot be used when painting indoors.

(2) Do not store flammable and explosive materials and volatile chemicals in the freezer box.

(3) When there is a leakage of liquefied petroleum gas near the freezer, it is not allowed to start the freezer and unplug the power plug. The leakage of liquefied petroleum gas should be eliminated in time, and the doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. At this time, if the power plug is unplugged, a fire may occur due to sparks.

(4) Do not wash the freezer box with water to prevent leakage or deterioration of electrical insulation and rust.

(5) When pulling out the power plug of the freezer, do not pull the wire hard, and be sure to pull out the plug by pinching the insulated part of the plug with your hands. When unplugging and plugging in again, there should be an interval of more than 5 minutes.

(6) The power cord of the freezer can not be placed on the condenser and compressor shell, nor can it be pressed under other heavy objects, so as not to damage the wire sheath and cause electric leakage.

(7) Do not touch the evaporator directly with your hands for a long period of time when picking and placing food, let alone touch the evaporator with wet hands to prevent frostbite fingers.

(8) It is strictly forbidden for children to pull the door of the freezer at will to play.

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