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What are the reasons why a new cooler cannot be used immediately after installation?

What are the reasons why a new cooler cannot be used immediately after installation?

Many businesses will remind customers: the cooler to buy home after installation can not be used immediately, many customers are very confused, why the new cooler installation can not be used immediately after it, today I came to give you the answer.

The correct use of new freezers.

1, Newly purchased freezer, the cabinet should be placed smoothly, so as not to produce vibration and noise, damage to the built-in system.

2, The cooler should be around enough clearance, its left and right from the wall or other objects should be greater than 10 cm, if the gap is too small, it will lead to poor ventilation and reduced cooling capacity.

3, The freezer should not be placed in direct sunlight, and not near any heating apparatus, so as not to reduce the refrigeration capacity.

4, Put cold after putting 2-3 hours before opening, and it is best to use before the freezer first 3-7 hours of empty box power operation, in order to facilitate the subsequent operation of the body. Cold water tank stop running also can not immediately start, need to wait a few minutes, so as not to burn the compressor.

5, After the power is connected, if the press machine and fan are working normally, red and green indicators also show normal, half an hour later the temperature inside the cold cabinet will have a significant drop, this time should continue to make the machine empty box running for an hour or so, to wait for the temperature inside the cold cabinet completely cooled before placing the items.

6, Cooler storage items should be placed as evenly as possible, food should be properly spaced between, and not once into too much. This can not only ensure that the goods are temperature balance, quality assurance, and the long-term use of the cooler, its laminate is not due to the force and change.

7, The food stored in the cooler should be placed in categories, similar food together to avoid unnecessary long time to open the door to rummage, in order to reduce the loss of cold, reduce low power consumption.

Proper use of the cooler, not only can make you feel at ease, but also enable you to quickly grasp its laws, in use to highlight its own superior performance to make a guarantee, but also for future use in the process of unnecessary trouble or loss to reduce the life of the cabinet.

After reading the above content you know why the new cooler can not be used immediately, mainly to extend the service life.

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