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What are the signs of a bad quality freezer?

What are the signs of a bad quality freezer?

First, first of all, there is less air-conditioning. The matched unit power is about 30% to 40% less. Usually 1.0 cubic freezer is matched with 1/2HP compressor, but the compressor installed in low-cost freezer is 1/3 or 3/8HP.

Second, the cooling temperature is high. The working temperature is marked chaotically, sometimes marked as 0 degrees. The user actually reflects the summer freezing room temperature between 8 degrees and 12 degrees. This brings safety risks to food preservation that requires a constant low temperature environment.

The third cooling rate is slow.

The low-cost refrigerator has a low compressor power, which is suitable for the reduction of the condenser area, condenser fan power and air volume, and evaporator area of the system. Less refrigeration, slow refrigeration, only used in winter, spring, autumn, or only used in the northern region, means that it can be roughly coped with. On the contrary, this freezer has high temperature during the day or night in summer, or contains a lot of food, the food turnover is large, the temperature of the freezer is low, and the hygiene and safety of the stored food cannot be guaranteed.

The above is related to performance, so is there anything else in the performance of a bad freezer? Of course there are, such as service life and later expenditures.

Freezer life: low-priced freezer with poor structure does not have any steel frame. The door frame is assembled after the cabinet body is foamed. This kind of refrigerator is difficult to move many times. The door frame will fall off within a few years and is difficult to repair. Low-quality low-cost freezer cabinet body selection in terms of material. If the material is cheap, replace it with stainless steel or aluminum plate, replace copper pipe with aluminum pipe or composite steel pipe, and replace ABS engineering plastic with ordinary plastic. After the material of the freezer becomes thicker and thinner, and copper becomes iron, it is reasonable to shorten its performance and service life.

Expenses after use: I save a little when buying a bad freezer, but continue to spend more money when I use it for many years. First of all, because the refrigerator has been used continuously for many years, the electricity bill is quite high. The size of the power consumption is mainly reflected in the heat preservation performance of the freezer performance.

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