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What are the Sizes of Commercial Fridges Used in Restaurants?

What are the Sizes of Commercial Fridges Used in Restaurants?

1. Several aspects to consider when choosing a commercial grade refrigerator

It is a headache to open a restaurant and choose a commercial fridge. The commercial fridge selected cannot be too expensive or too cheap. Whether the size and temperature meet the requirements are all taken into consideration. Let's discuss with you the size of commercial fridges.

2. The size of a commercial grade refrigerator

Commercial fridges are divided into vertical commercial fridges, horizontal commercial fridges, single-door commercial fridges, double under counter fridge, and multi-door commercial fridges. Let's take a look at the size of these various types of commercial fridges.

(1) The size of a vertical commercial grade refrigerator

Vertical commercial fridges are usually larger in capacity than horizontal ones. Commercial grade refrigerator used in various supermarkets and vertical commercial fridges for frozen drinks are about two meters in height. The size of a vertical commercial fridge can vary according to different brands. The general size of a vertical fridge is 1480*830*2000mm, which is the size of a double door. Of course, there are many fridges with three and four doors.

(2) Dimensions of double-door, three-door, and multi-door commercial fridges

The back kitchens of hotels and restaurants, as well as milk tea shops and dessert shops, use multiple commercial fridges. Large capacity is the advantage of multi-door fridges.  Generally, multi-door fridges are also vertical fridges with larger sizes.

(3) Horizontal commercial grade refrigerator size

Most commercial horizontal fridges are full cabinets with large capacity, and they are very convenient to take and place food at low temperatures. Most of the horizontal commercial fridges in restaurants have the function of an operating table, which can store a large amount of quick-frozen food and be used to manipulate food materials.

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