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What are the tips for storing food in the freezer?

What are the tips for storing food in the freezer?

According to the relevant workers in the market survey to understand, many consumers in the use of cold cabinets, often store food to 5 degrees Celsius above the freezer, and such a method is obviously wrong, preservation methods are not appropriate, not only affect the quality of food, and people in the consumption of spoiled food, is likely to lead to food poisoning and other problems. Food to fresh, safe and do not lose taste, storage skills are very critical, especially supermarket coolers such as large storage coolers. So, how to store cooler food in the end, how long to store it?

1. If there is no certainty about food safety, throw away suspicious food, don't joke with health. As some food deterioration is difficult to identify with the naked eye, therefore, when the food color, smell strange, even if you can not see the mold, should also be thrown into the trash.

2. The freezer storage food, cling film is best wrapped in two layers, or use sealed bags to prevent air from entering.

3. Some fruits should not be refrigerated, such as bananas. Potatoes and onions can be put in a cool and dry place, and do not need to be put in the cooler. Leftover meals should be placed in sealed lunch boxes, refrigerated two hours after cooking and eaten within 3-5 days. Wrap raw meat with plastic bags and put it in the bottom of the cooler to prevent meat juice from contaminating other foods.

4. Food stored in the freezer for a long time will appear crystallized on the surface, but it is safe for consumption, because no bacteria will survive in the freezer at several degrees below zero. In addition, the nutritional value of frozen food will be well preserved. Of course, their taste will certainly be worse than fresh food.

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