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What Causes The Stainless Steel Commercial Fridge To Freeze?

What Causes The Stainless Steel Commercial Fridge To Freeze?

Refrigerator freezer is a place to freeze food, but we all know a problem, then the refrigerator is always icing, and the refrigerator is always icing will need to waste more electricity, for the refrigerator is also bad. In fact, the refrigerator is always icing how to do, many friends are very curious, want to know the solution, in fact, there are still many ways, next, follow the introduction of the editor, we come to know it. So, the refrigerator is always icing how to do?  

Refrigerator icing causes  

The air humidity in the freezer is relatively large, while the temperature of the evaporator in the refrigerator is relatively low, so the water gas in the freezer will condense to the back wall and ice. After the temperature of the freezer decreases, the ice of the back wall of the freezer will melt into water and flow out through the drainage hole. And refrigerator drain hole blockage or set mode is not right, resulting in poor water flow or ice is not melted completely, there will be refrigerator freezer ice phenomenon. Refrigerator is not closed tightly caused by the condensation of water vapor in the air.  

How to do  

If the ice is thick, should be timely deicing treatment, first cut off the power, and then open the freezer door, the food out, and so on its natural melting clean up can be. You can also use special cleaning tools to clean up, but not with metal products to avoid damage to the pipeline, you can also add a glass of boiling water to speed up the melting speed. If the freezer drain is blocked, resulting in poor drainage, too much water in the box resulting in ice, need to check first, in the freezer wall in the lower middle position of a drainage hole, if blocked available to wash the soft wire barrel open, drainage should be good.  

If the refrigerator freezer temperature is set too low, the refrigerator normal stop when the melting water can not be discharged caused by icing, you can check, in the refrigerator freezer wall has a drainage hole, normal stop when the melting water can be discharged from here, use a long time is a small amount of debris (or light) blocked, resulting in water can not be discharged outside the box, fresh layer will accumulate water (or ice). Small hole through to the bottom is a curved tube, with something to stab can not be solved, open the refrigerator behind the small cover, you can see the drainage of the pipe head, to the pipe blow hard can blow the debris out. Then pour some water from the drainage hole inside the refrigerator to flush a few times.  

The above is about the refrigerator always icing how to do the details, read the above we know the refrigerator icing solution or a lot of. Usually in the use of refrigerators to pay more attention, usually should check whether it is closed tightly in the use of time should also pay good attention, so that the refrigerator freezer is not easy to freeze.

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