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What effect will rainy days have on the freezer?

What effect will rainy days have on the freezer?

It's raining today, and I suddenly thought of some related issues. Let's discuss it with everyone. Does rain have any effect on the freezer? Soon customers will say that this seems to be unrelated. On the surface, it seems to be unrelated, because many of our freezers are kept at home to avoid rain, so what if they are outside the house? In places such as supermarkets and convenience stores, the freezer is often placed at the door. When it rains, the rain will drift away with the wind, and many times there will be a lot of raindrops on the freezer. This will have a lot of influence on the freezer. First of all, water can conduct electricity, which will easily cause leakage of the freezer, and it will also affect the cooling effect. If raindrops flow into the freezer, it is easy to cause internal parts to rust, increase friction, and cause malfunctions and so on.


These are only possible malfunctions of the freezer placed outside the house, so is it okay to keep it inside the house? Relatively speaking, it is much better. At least there will be no raindrops directly falling onto the freezer, but in rainy weather, the air is relatively humid. In humid weather, when the commercial grade upright freezer is opened, white gas emerges because the water vapor in the air condenses into small water droplets.

The white gas coming out of the hot water in the cup is the water vapor from the hot water liquefies into small water droplets when it is cold. These are some basic phenomena. In addition to these, humid places have a great influence on the compressor of the freezer, which will cause these parts to rust and shorten the service life of the refrigerator. At the same time, humid and overheated environment will cause condensation on the surface of the freezer and affect the performance of electrical appliances. Therefore, in rainy days, everyone should also pay attention to dry and ventilated areas around the freezer, which will better extend its life.

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