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What factors should be considered when buying a refrigerator?

What factors should be considered when buying a refrigerator?

It is very important to purchase freezer options for essential products in major shopping malls, cake shops, dessert shops, etc. A suitable freezer can bring great profits to businesses. However, in the face of the inferior number of refrigerators in stores, which one is suitable for us after all, this article teaches you how to buy a refrigerator.

If you think that the bigger the freezer, the better, and the lower energy consumption is definitely good, then this perception is wrong. Instead, choose the appropriate capacity, required cooling method, and other additional functions according to the needs of the store, and pay attention to after-sales services.


The following five factors should be considered when choosing a refrigerator:

Preservation function

More and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to food hygiene. The first thing customers look at when choosing a product is the appearance. The catering equipment fridge with strong fresh-keeping function can keep the food fresh for a long time. In order to meet the needs of customers, major merchants should pay special attention to their fresh-keeping function when buying refrigerators. Its fresh-keeping skill is computer temperature control, and the whole process uses a computer to complete dual temperature and dual control, which truly ensures that the freezer always adheres to a constant low temperature environment and adheres to the novelty and nutrients of the food.

Cooling method

Many businesses think that when they buy a suitable freezer, they often ignore the huge electricity bills brought about by opening the freezer for a long time, because when choosing a freezer, they should pay attention to the cooling method of the freezer. There are three main refrigeration methods for the freezer: 1. Direct-cooling refrigeration, cheap, relatively energy-saving, large useful volume, good fresh-keeping and moisturizing function, but the temperature is uneven, and frequent defrosting is required. It is suitable for the relatively dry southern and inner oceans. Area. 2. Air-cooled refrigeration, active defrosting, low humidity, average cold temperature, food is easy to air dry and dehydrated, suitable for humid areas such as coastal and Yangtze River, high power consumption, small useful volume. 3. Direct-cooled air-cooled refrigeration type, direct cooling to the refrigerating room and air cooling to the freezer, both have the advantages of both, but high power consumption.

Good or bad quality

When we choose a freezer, we have a long-term use plan, so it is very important to choose a high-quality and durable undercounter chillers and freezers. Refrigerator design should be humanized and meet the needs of life; manufacturers with high skills tend to ensure the quality of the freezer; high-quality components such as pure steel pipes and export coated steel plates are an index of the life of refrigeration systems.

Reasonably low energy consumption

As consumers become more and more emotional in their shopping, the energy consumption of refrigerators has aroused widespread concern, and manufacturers have introduced energy-saving refrigerators one after another. But it’s not that the lower the energy consumption, the better. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, some manufacturers simply increase the insulation layer or adopt new techniques, but such energy saving is at the cost of increasing the price, and the function will also be affected to a certain extent. In fact, energy saving Not only must the product structure be improved, but also the core components of the compressor unit must be carefully designed and matched. The units matched by different engineers are likely to be different, and the energy consumption of different units is certainly not the same.

After-sale service

No matter how good the freezer is, there are times when it is repaired. Therefore, in addition to choosing a reliable freezer, good after-sales efficiency is also something that customers need to consider when purchasing a freezer. When thinking about it, we can weigh the manufacturer’s after-sales service level from the real factors such as repair cost, warranty time limit, repair rate, one-sidedness and thoroughness of the repair service. The component compressor has a 3-year warranty.

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