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What Features Does a Stainless Steel Commercial Refrige Have?

What Features Does a Stainless Steel Commercial Refrige Have?

Features of stainless steel commercial refrige:

1.    Materials


There are three types of stainless steel commercial refrige: drawing stainless steel, black stainless steel and bright stainless steel.


In terms of the internal materials of refrigerators, the drawers and doorframes of fresh-keeping boxes are usually plastic. Rubber is usually used for gaskets at the edges of water pipes and doors to form a gas tight seal.

2. Side-by-side refrigerator and French door refrigerator


Side by side refrigerator is different from French door refrigerator. The side-by-side refrigerator has two full-length doors. One door is for the fresh-keeping room. The other door is for the freezer room. The two compartments are separated by internal walls and maintained at different temperatures. The fresh-keeping room is usually larger than the freezer room.


The French door refrigerator has two doors of the same size that lead to a large fresh-keeping room. The freezer room is usually located in a pull-out drawer below the freezer.

3. Adjustable shelf 


The more the number of adjustable shelves in a stainless steel commercial refrige, the more you can customize the refrigerator interior according to your own needs.

4. Fresh box drawer


Every refrigerator needs at least one fresh drawer to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

5. Interior lighting


All refrigerators have interior lighting, but some of the drawers have only one light bulb and are not well positioned. In this case, if something is placed in front of the light bulb, the rest of the refrigerator may be in the dark. It is better to choose the design of multiple lamps at different levels to provide uniform lighting.

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