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What food should not be put in the freezer?

What food should not be put in the freezer?

It is customary to make a big purchase on the weekend and put all the food you buy into the freezer. In fact, the freezer is not a safe for food, it can not guarantee that all food is in a fresh state, and some food should not be put into the freezer.

Tropical fruits are afraid of low temperature. Fruits, tropical fruits and subtropical fruits to low temperature adaptability. If put in the freezer, but will be frostbite fruit, so that its skin sunken, dark brown spots, not only the loss of nutrition, but also easy to deteriorate.

Although most fresh fruits and vegetables can be stored at 0-4 degrees Celsius for 1-2 days. But bananas should be stored at more than 12 degrees Celsius, citrus at 2-7 degrees Celsius; grapes, persimmons and other fruits in low-temperature conditions will not only lose flavor, the skin will also deteriorate; strawberries, prunes, mulberries and other fruits, it is best to buy that eat, put in the freezer both affect the taste and easy to mold.

Leafy vegetables are prone to water loss, tomatoes will become rotten. Leafy vegetables evaporate a lot of water, it is best to buy now eat. Thick-skinned potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, winter squash, onions can be stored at room temperature. When tomatoes are refrigerated at low temperatures, they will be soft and waterlogged in part or as a whole, with brown round spots on the surface and diminished freshness. Long time in the freezer cucumbers, peppers will become black, soft, tasteless, but also long hair or sticky, they are not suitable for long storage in the freezer.

Steamed buns become dry and hard. Buns, rolls, bread and other starchy food in the freezer, will accelerate the speed of dry and hard, if you need storage can be wrapped in plastic bags into the freezer. Cookies, candy, honey, pickles, yellow sauce, dried fruit, dried food, etc., do not need to be put into the freezer.

Chocolate is perishable. In addition, chocolate in the freezer, the surface is easy to appear white frost, moldy and spoiled, and lose the original flavor. Summer room temperature is too high, can be sealed with a plastic bag, and then placed in the freezer freezer storage.

Fish, meat, although the need to use the freezer refrigerated or frozen preservation, but the time should not be too long. If you find that the meat has been frozen yellow, it means that the fat has been oxidized and must be discarded.

In short, buy back the food must first carefully check the storage requirements on the packaging, only reasonable use of the freezer to eat fresh and healthy food.

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