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What food should not be put in the refrigerator?

What food should not be put in the refrigerator?

Refrigerators can keep food fresh, but some foods are not suitable for refrigeration and may even produce toxins

Refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment that keeps a constant low temperature, and it is also a kind of civilian product that keeps food or other items in a constant low temperature and cold state. There are cabinets or boxes for freezing compressors, ice machines, and storage boxes with refrigeration devices in the box.

In daily life, many people will store the things they can't finish buying in the refrigerator. Everyone thinks that the shelf life of all foods can be extended as long as they enter the refrigerator. In fact it is not! Studies have shown that not all foods are suitable for storage in the refrigerator, not to mention that long-term refrigeration affects the taste, and it may also produce harmful substances that are not good for health. Today I will introduce 5 kinds of food that should not be kept in the refrigerator.

NO1. Banana

Generally speaking, we always like to store the purchased fruits in the refrigerator, but for bananas, the best way to store them is at room temperature. Why do you say that? Banana is a tropical fruit, tropical fruit should not be placed at too low a temperature, otherwise it will destroy some of its molecular structure. Moreover, the refrigeration of bananas itself is easy to turn black, and if placed close to other foods, it will also cause the contact parts to rot. Therefore it is best not to put in the refrigerator. Of course, if you really want to eat iced bananas in summer, you can refrigerate them for a while before eating.


NO2. Grapes

If you just want to extend the shelf life of grapes, you can really put them in the refrigerator. This is no problem. It just means that if it is placed for too long, it will easily affect the taste. So it is recommended to eat it when it is most delicious.


NO3. Cucumber

Studies have shown that repeated changes in temperature are very detrimental to the nutrition of vegetables. Especially when it suddenly enters a very low temperature environment, the vitamin C in vegetables is easily destroyed. Cucumbers, in particular, will turn black, soft, and taste bad if they are refrigerated for a long time. Because the temperature in the refrigerator is generally 4 degrees to 6 degrees, and the suitable storage temperature for cucumbers is 10 degrees to 12 degrees, it cannot be stored for a long time.


NO4. Coffee beans and tea

Although we will seal the coffee beans and tea leaves and refrigerate them, it is still easy to get the taste of other foods. Moreover, frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door will cause condensation in the coffee can or tea can, which can easily make the coffee beans and tea leaves inside become damp, which greatly affects the taste.


NO5. Tomatoes

As one of the most common ingredients, tomatoes are loved by everyone and often appear in everyone's refrigerators. But in fact, tomatoes are very unsuitable food for refrigerators! After the tomatoes are frozen at low temperature, the meat will appear blistered, become soft and rotten, or appear hash phenomenon, and even rot in severe cases. However, some friends may say "I just like frozen tomatoes~", well, let me teach you a method. Wrap the tomatoes in plastic wrap, just like the boxed small tomatoes bought in the supermarket, so that you can prevent direct contact with the air-conditioning and keep the freshness to the greatest extent.


Although the refrigerator is a right-hand man in our lives, it is not a panacea. The foods mentioned above should not be kept in the refrigerator for a long time. What's more, it's winter, the temperature itself is already very low, and many foods will not spoil even if they are left outside. Of course, in the final analysis, I hope you don't buy too much food at once. It’s better for your health to eat it when the food is fresh, isn't it?

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