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What impact does the cold four-door stainless steel door seal have on the freezer?

What impact does the cold four-door stainless steel door seal have on the freezer?

In the components of the freezer, the door seal also plays a vital role, but it is often overlooked by many customers. So what is the impact of the arrival of the door seal? As the name suggests, we can know that it must be for sealing, because there is a lot of cold air inside the freezer in operation. With the door seal, the air-conditioning can be prevented from leaking from the gap between the doors, resulting in the constant temperature drop in the cabinet, which will result in the phenomenon that the freezer is not cold or lacks cold. Knowing its function, in real life, the door seal is easy to twist and tilt, so how should we deal with it? Use a 600-800 watt hair dryer to aim at the twisted and deformed part of the seal, and blow hot air to soften it. After a while, you can use your hands or a flat lining to iron the seal. This method is suitable for seals made of plastic, which are connected by thermal bonding and attached around the freezer door to solve this problem.

The second is that this part is prone to aging, or is it directly flat with the freezer and becomes uneven, so how do we solve it? Generally, you can close the freezer door and glue the four corners of the door seal with a knife. The plastic magnetic strip is turned inside and out. Be careful not to break it. It is in the cabinet. Then fold the door seal and put it in a water tank with more than 60 pieces of water for five to six minutes. Hold both ends of the door with your hands, and straighten it with a small amount of force. When it cools naturally, put it on a flat table and the seal of the door becomes straight. If you can't do it once, do it again. The heat-treated door seal should be as thick as possible. As a result of stretching, the length is longer than the original, the excess part should be cut off, and the end should be 45°c bevel. When installing the magnetic strip, first test the attractive force of the two sides of the magnetic strip to the cabinet. Face the attractive side toward the cabinet, and then glue it with 502 or epoxy. The four corners can also be heated by inserting a hacksaw blade or a piece of thin iron into the corner of the joint to make the joint hard contact with the heating body. After the door sealing joint is melted, pull out the heating body, hold it for a few seconds and then release. With this method, this kind of problem can basically be solved. If there are other more professional freezer maintenance problems, you can consult us.

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