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What is a commercial chiller?

What is a commercial chiller?

Commercial refrigerators have different functions according to different uses. There are refrigerators, freezers and dual temperature cabinets. Generally, the cabinets of supermarket refrigerators, convenience store refrigerators and cake and bread refrigerated display cabinets of dessert shops are all single-temperature cabinets, which are either refrigerated or frozen. Only part of the stainless steel refrigerators used in the kitchen have dual temperature cabinets, which can be refrigerated and frozen. Single-temperature commercial freezers are generally integrated, and it is easier to smell different foods if they are stored. In terms of appearance: the volume of commercial refrigerators is generally much larger than that of refrigerators. Not very power efficient. The appearance is relatively simple. They are generally used for commercial purposes, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, KTV, etc. Therefore, refrigerators are also called commercial refrigerators.

How to choose a commercial refrigerator?

1. It must be strong and durable. For example, the use of tempered glass can ensure a super display effect, and it can also ensure that the glass will not break and hurt people. The appearance design is exquisite and beautiful, which stimulates consumers' desire to purchase and attention, and brings good impression to consumers.

2. There are two types of commercial refrigerators, one is vertical and the other is horizontal. The sizes of these two types of commercial refrigerators are different. The size of a commercial refrigerator is very important. When you buy it, you must first measure the space size, and then buy it from me. It can also be customized.


3. Refrigerators that have been transported over long distances should be placed before powering on after two hours. When the freezer is placed and reused for a long time, the power supply should be turned on first, and the freezer can run for two hours before putting food into it. The temperature of the food in the cabinet should not be higher than 35 degrees, and the items should be stacked evenly. When stacking the food, there should be an air-conditioning gap.

4. As the temperature rises sharply, the peak season for the sale of refrigerated products has already begun, and commercial refrigerators are naturally one of the necessary equipment for businesses. With advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology, the quality of preservation is first, which can save operating costs for users.

5. The fresh-keeping function is very important for commercial refrigerators, and it is easier to see in this hot summer. There are many standards for the fresh-keeping function of a commercial refrigerator. The most important thing is to look at its freezing capacity. Power and speed are the key. If the quick-freezing capacity of commercial refrigerators is insufficient, it will lead to insufficient freezing in time, resulting in deterioration of food or loss of nutrients.

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