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What is a dual temperature freezer?

What is a dual temperature freezer?

The dual-temperature cabinet has two greenhouses, one side is for refrigeration and the other is for freezing, and the middle is separated, which can be refrigerated and frozen at the same time.

The single-box temperature change means that the freezer has only one space, but the temperature inside it can be freely changed between refrigeration and freezing. If you want to refrigerate, adjust the refrigeration, and if you want to freeze, adjust the freezing. There is no partition in the middle.

The difference between single temperature freezer and double temperature freezer

1. The temperature adjustment function is different

The main difference between single-temperature and dual-temperature refrigerators is the difference in temperature adjustment functions. The temperature of a single-temperature freezer is minus 12 to 10 degrees. The upper refrigeration temperature of the dual-temperature freezer is 0 to 10 degrees, and the freezing temperature below is 0 to minus 12 degrees.

2. Different energy consumption

Compared with single-temperature refrigerators, dual-temperature freezers consume more energy.

3. The number of freezers is different

The dual-temperature freezer is a freezer in which the freezer and refrigerator compartments are separated. Dual temperature means two temperature zones, two temperature controllers, cold storage or freezing can be used at the same time, can not be exchanged for each other, the function is fixed, synchronization does not interfere. The single-temperature freezer has one storage room, one temperature, refrigerating or freezing.

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