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What is a reach in cooler?

What is a reach in cooler?

Commercial refrigeration equipment mainly includes three series of products: commercial refrigerators, refrigerated display cabinets and commercial ice machines, which have become important equipment configurations in the daily operations of restaurants, canteens, supermarkets and other industries.


Commercial refrigerator:

Commercial refrigerators are the product with the largest proportion of refrigeration equipment and the highest technical content. According to different refrigeration methods, they can be divided into three categories: direct cooling, air cooling, and mixed air cooling.

The three types of refrigeration methods are very similar to household refrigerators:

1. Direct-cooled commercial refrigerators directly receive the cold energy of the evaporator for food, and exchange flow through the natural convection of the air in the box. The advantages are low power consumption, low noise, and food is not easy to lose water.

2. There is a fan in the air-cooled refrigerator. The operation of the fan forces the cold air in the box to repeatedly circulate to cool the food. There is also an automatic defrosting device. The advantage is that the temperature in the box is uniform.

3. The air-direct cooling hybrid type takes into account the characteristics of the above two types of refrigerators.


There is a big difference between commercial refrigerators and household refrigerators:

First of all, the working environment of commercial refrigerators is even worse. They are generally placed in commercial kitchens with high temperature and humidity. Therefore, stainless steel with higher corrosion resistance and higher structural strength is generally used to make the cabinet, while the working environment of domestic refrigerators is normal temperature and humidity. In the environment, ordinary cold-rolled steel sheets can generally meet the requirements.

Secondly, commercial refrigerators are used very frequently, and the door of the refrigerator is frequently opened. Therefore, the requirements for quick freezing of commercial refrigerators are even higher, requiring the ability to return to low temperatures in a short period of time.

Thirdly, the volume of commercial refrigerators is relatively large, generally 2-4 times the volume of household refrigerators, so it is more difficult for commercial refrigerators to achieve uniform temperature in the box without cooling dead corners.

Cold food display cabinet:

Refrigerated display cabinets are divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical:

Horizontal display cabinets are mainly used in supermarkets, and generally keep fresh milk, fresh meat, vegetables and fruits, and quick-frozen food.

Vertical display cabinets are widely used. Restaurants, supermarkets, and department stores generally use vertical display cabinets to keep fresh, refrigerate beverages and some foods.


Commercial ice maker:

Generally small ice machines, with a stand-alone ice output of 10-1000kg/day, most of which are used in service industries such as restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and seafood retail. The products are round, square, irregular, snowflake and scaly. (Flake shape) and other ice shapes, mainly used for iced beverages, food processing and other purposes.


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