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What is a reach in refrigerator?

What is a reach in refrigerator?

Commercial reach in refrigerator use the principle of air compression to reduce the temperature inside the display cabinet and control the temperature. According to their different uses, commercial refrigeration display cabinets are mainly divided into five categories: refrigerated cabinets, freezer cabinets, refrigerated freezer cabinets, refrigerated display cabinets and refrigerated display cabinets. Mainly used in ice cream, frozen food, beer, low-temperature dairy products, water, beverages and other industries. Different from ordinary household refrigerators and freezers, in terms of functionality, commercial reach in refrigerators not only have more professional food freezing and refrigeration functions, but also an important carrier for food manufacturers' brand establishment and product display, and an important channel for product sales.


BESTTOP provides high-quality reach in refrigerators for sale. Customers can choose a suitable commercial grade refrigerator and commercial stainless steel commercial refrigerator to fit your kitchen's needs.

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