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What is an enclosed food cooler?

What is an enclosed food cooler?

In the usual conditions of use, take the goods part to the door or cover closed cabinet is closed cabinet. Closed food cooler is a common, commonly used cabinet type, its main features are: open surface, are closed with cold material manufacturing door, cover, the outside air, dust, debris is not easy to enter the cabinet, the overall cooling effect and good health conditions, is the common hardware equipment for food sales stores. Closed food cooler has vertical, horizontal, it is increasingly novel shape, large rounded corners, rounded surface, plastic, color coated plastic plate, stainless steel plate, granite marble plate, polyester paint plate and other shapes, the appearance of the pieces and decorative pieces are increasing, especially the use of large curved glass cabinet, to the shopping environment injected a fresh, bright atmosphere, popular with users.

Enclosed freezer is suitable for storage of storage temperature conditions require higher, more sensitive to temperature fluctuations in food, such as cream cakes, sushi, etc., or the storage environment health requirements of more stringent food, such as cooked food.

In addition, the closed freezer refrigeration performance by the environment is less affected, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, suitable for small store traffic, such as convenience chain stores, convenience stores. Enclosed freezer for food at the same time play a dual role of display and storage. 

With a single-board computer machine instead of cabinet temperature controller, melting frost temperature controller, melting frost time controller and cabinet temperature display thermometer, to achieve automatic control O, automatic melting frost, cabinet temperature digital display, power-on time display, voltage over Kor or over low and motor protection, with real-time query system and consultation expert system combined with self-diagnosis function of closed low temperature Qu S cabinet, has been introduced in China. Its appearance, marking China's food cooler into a new stage of electromechanical integration development.

Closed type cold cabinet evaporator using light tube and finned tube, placed at the bottom of the refrigerated area, the top and around, relying on natural convection and interface contact to absorb heat, refrigerated display of food dry consumption is low. Its refrigeration system and electric control circuit, cabinet structure are simpler than the open type. In order to increase the display of food display effect, so that customers look at the food in the cabinet, the cabinet towards the customer's side or more, often using two or three layers of high-definition, high flatness of the plane or curved glass, the glass layer between a certain gap, and the gap in the air exhausted, filled with dry gas to weaken the convective heat transfer between the glass layer, to enhance the effect of cold retention. The inner surface of the outermost glass is also coated with transparent electric heating film, which heats the outer glass evenly to prevent surface condensation and affect the customer's line of sight. At the same time, the configuration of artificial lighting, shelves or partitions, to improve the display of refrigerated display food display effect.

Enclosed food cooler compression condensing unit mostly uses air-cooled condenser, half-sealed or fully sealed compressor. The combination of the unit and the cabinet depends on the situation and user requirements; using a larger volume, larger refrigeration capacity of the cabinet and multiple cold cabinets of large shopping malls, as well as the noise, heat transfer, ventilation conditions require high, the unit is more remote type, need to have another suitable room placement; using a smaller volume, smaller refrigeration capacity of the cabinet, and the number of units less, and the environmental requirements of the mall is not high, more units and cabinet combination into The built-in type of one body. Built-in units are placed in the bottom or side of the cabinet, vertical cabinets also have units placed on top of the cabinet, conducive to ventilation and heat exchange, but the maintenance of maintenance is inconvenient. Typical closed food cooler structure. Closed food cooler melting frost using two ways, stop natural melting frost and electric frost.

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