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What is an energy-saving commercial freezer freezer?

What is an energy-saving commercial freezer freezer?

In the era of environmental protection and energy saving, energy saving is one of the most concerned issues. Freezer as a relatively high power consumption, freezer ordinary performance has not been able to meet the needs of businesses. If the freezer can be reduced in power consumption, which will be for some businesses in the electricity bill can save a considerable amount of money. How can you choose to energy-saving freezer?

Freezer to save electricity, pure energy saving is not possible, because the energy is converted, how much energy is needed to make only how much cold air. To save energy can only improve the energy efficiency ratio of freezer refrigeration. So what needs to be done?

In the hot weather, for the external compressor freezer, its refrigeration efficiency may be greatly reduced because of this, the compressor will also be subjected to high temperature and long working pressure. In this case, our commercial freezers are most likely to have problems.

First of all, to choose a high-quality compressor. Compressor is the heart of the whole freezer, quality compressor can improve the efficiency of refrigeration, not only fast, and energy lasting. Ice cube freezer using pure imported compressors, imported compressors compared to domestic compressors, the early start, stable and reliable performance. Of course, the price is also a lot more expensive.

Second, choose the configuration to high-grade. For example, pure copper tube heat dissipation is better and more durable, reduce energy loss, improve refrigeration efficiency; aluminum alloy metal door edge, light quality, no deformation, good airtight performance, no air leakage; overall polyurethane foam cabinet, very good heat insulation role, reduce energy loss.

Again, the use of better quality refrigerant. Refrigerant is also the most critical part of the entire freezer in the refrigeration process, if the quality is poor, then the efficiency of refrigeration will be greatly reduced.

Features of Energy-saving freezer

1. The use of high-efficiency imported compressor. Compressor is the heart of the freezer, is also the main energy-consuming components of the freezer, the use of high-efficiency compressor is the most simple and effective measures to save energy in the freezer.

2. Double refrigeration technology, to solve the technical problems that are difficult to overcome in a single cooling mode, so that the cabinet without refrigeration blind Incremental laminar flow optimization air curtain, high efficiency and energy saving.

3. High-efficiency pure copper tube evaporator

Unique fast refrigeration technology, pure copper tube evaporator will be advanced controller 3d multi-cycle refrigeration system advantageous combination, so that the refrigeration speed is faster, so as to achieve energy-saving effect.

4. High-quality motor fan

High-quality motor fan with 3d three-dimensional refrigeration system, the cold air evenly, effectively ensure the freshness of food, so that you have no worries.

5. Environmental protection foaming layer

Polyurethane overall foaming technology, environmentally friendly foaming materials, high-density energy-saving design effectively and efficiently reduce energy consumption.

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