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What is an undercounter fridge?

What is an undercounter fridge?

A small refrigerator is a small cabinet or small room used to store various foods that need to be frozen, and keep food or other items in a cold state. The cabinet or box with an ice maker for freezing is equipped with a refrigeration device. The storage boxes are widely used by various industries and families. The freezer refrigeration system is composed of 4 basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttling part and evaporator.


Instructions for the under-counter fridge

1. The refrigerated cabinet workbench is designed and manufactured for kitchen work in restaurants, hotels, and chefs to refrigerate items. The refrigeration control device adopts a microcomputer controller, which can accurately control the temperature in the cabinet. The refrigeration system adopts a fully enclosed compressor unit, is equipped with a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger, and adopts a forced air convection cycle with good refrigeration performance. The inner liner and outer shell of the workbench refrigerator are made of stainless steel, and the heat preservation and heat insulation are made of polyurethane foam material. Due to the strong cooling source circulation of the circulating fan, the temperature in the cabinet is cooled quickly and the temperature is uniform. The food stored in the cabinet can be kept fresh for a long time.

2. The workbench refrigerator has novel structure design, beautiful shape, convenient operation, perfect function, high efficiency and energy saving. It is a necessary equipment for restaurants, hotels and other kitchens.

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