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What is Commercial Refrigeration Typically Used For?

What is Commercial Refrigeration Typically Used For?

Commercial Refrigeration is essential for most food producers and catering establishments to ensure the safe storage of high quality ingedients, maximising freshness and reducing waste.



Classification of commercial refrigeration

General refrigeration

Fruits, vegetables, dairy products or meat on refrigerated shelves require a constant temperature between zero and seven degrees. Only in this way, they will not lose their original flavor and meet the shelf life requirements. BITZER compressors can ensure such good constant temperature cooling conditions.


Cryogenic refrigeration

Pizza, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods-the cooling of products in the frozen food area of the supermarket cannot be ignored. BITZER compressors can even ensure low-temperature storage below -18°C without spoiling the flavor of food, which is trustworthy. In this way, the food can be presented on the table in the freshest form.


Commercial refrigerators are often used in

1. Hotels, seafood stores

Hotels or seafood stores often purchase fresh and valuable seafood and fish. Generally, overnight storage is placed in an incubator with crushed ice to keep the freshness of the seafood. Don't dare to put it in the freezer. After freezing, it will affect the freshness and nutritional taste. With a soft freezer, seafood and fish can be stored better than in an incubator, and it lasts longer. Put the fish in a soft freezer and take it out for four or five days to let the water melt. The mucus on the fish is still there. The dishes prepared by the chef have the same fresh nutrition and taste, and are full of tenderness.


2. Preservation of cooked food

Preservation of cooked food. Generally, cooked food that is hot in the refrigerator cannot be stored in the refrigerator, while the soft freezing technology can quickly freeze cooked food and still maintain its umami taste without affecting the taste (in the refrigerator when it is warm). In hotel kitchens or deli shops, if the cooked food cannot be sold on the day of processing, put it in the fresh-keeping cabinet for fear of deterioration, and put it in the freezer to create ice needles to affect the taste. Let it soften and freeze everything for you, the umami taste is undiminished, and it is as delicious as the freshly cooked one when it is heated slightly.


3. Fresh meat preservation

Fresh meat preservation, butcher shop selling beef and mutton. If you can't sell it that day, keep it fresh for fear of deterioration. Easily water and change color. Put it in the freezer, the next day it thaws and there is no brightness, and the color changes to dark and lack of elasticity. Soften the freezer, under the condition of ensuring the freshness, the storage time can be extended for 4-5 days


4. Hot pot restaurant

In order to let customers eat fresh beef and mutton, the hot pot restaurant cuts the beef and mutton too hard on the spot. The chef can't cut it. The frozen is soft and cannot be cut into slices. After 8 hours, put the beef and mutton in the soft freezer. (Remember to put the meat Please leave a good gap when you are cooking, so as not to affect the freezing effect) As long as your chef's knife is fast, the knife is good, and you can cut as thinly as you want, the beef and mutton that is cooked will have a completely different taste from the meat slices cut by the machine.


5. Breakfast shop, etc.

The meat filling to make soup dumplings needs to be poured into water, adjust the meat filling, and keep it fresh for a long time. The meat filling is out of water, put it frozen, and the meat filling becomes ice needle again. The steamed food cannot be tasted, so it is soft and frozen. In the refrigerator, the frozen meat is not hard, does not produce water, and can be used at any time.


Commercial Refrigeration And Commercial Freezer

Commercial Refrigeration

Despite the fact that they may seem to be comparable, commercial refrigeration units are altogether different from your norm home refrigerator. On account of top of the reach protection, business units are much better at keeping the cold in and the glow of the kitchen out, guaranteeing that you don't need to toss out your fixings when you've had them conveyed. Keeping newness in and warmth out is particularly significant in the event that you provide food for youthful younger students or patients in emergency clinic. New, supplement thick food is significant for the development and advancement of little youngsters and can assist the debilitated with recuperating all the more rapidly. Keeping food at the right temperature will assist with holding food back from separating excessively fast, so your food has a greater amount of what's significant for more.



Commercial Freezers

Assuming you're hoping to freeze huge amounts of temperature delicate products, a commercial freezer is the answer for you. Offering phenomenal execution, proficiency and adaptability, a custom fitted arrangement from BESTTOP could likewise assist with iminishing running expenses.



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