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What is refrigeration equipment?

What is refrigeration equipment?

What is refrigeration?

In fact, refrigeration is a process in which energy is removed in the form of heat, thereby causing the temperature to drop. Essentially speaking, it transfers heat from any heat-storing medium to the outside, so that the temperature of the above-mentioned medium is reduced, and the effect of refrigeration is achieved.

The main purpose of refrigeration is to reduce the temperature of enclosed spaces and materials, and to maintain the reduced temperature, and sometimes to reduce the relative humidity. The term cooling refers to any natural process or man-made process by which heat is dissipated.

Taking the food industry as an example, the growth of microorganisms in food is closely related to temperature. If the temperature is controlled, the growth can be controlled. When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius, the growth rate of microorganisms is significantly slowed down. Give us a more delicious and convenient life experience.

In industrial production, the low-temperature fermentation reaction of materials requires sub-zero or ultra-low temperature conditions, which cannot be achieved at room temperature, so the refrigeration process is particularly critical.

What is a refrigeration system?

It has these components: the refrigeration system is composed of four basic parts: compressor, condenser, throttling part and evaporator. The four main components are connected by copper pipes in a certain order to form a closed system, and the system is filled with a certain amount of refrigerant. Freon, R22, the refrigerant used for general air-conditioning, is usually used in the past.

Taking refrigeration as an example, the compressor sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas from the evaporator, compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure Freon gas, then flows through the capillary tube, throttling into a low-temperature and low-pressure Freon vapor-liquid two-phase object, and then the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon liquid is absorbed in the evaporator The heat of the indoor air becomes low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas, and the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas is sucked in by the compressor. The indoor air releases heat through the evaporator, and the air temperature decreases. In this way, the compression-condensation-throttling-evaporation cycle is repeated, and the refrigerant continuously takes away the heat of the indoor air, thereby reducing the room temperature.

It is known from the refrigeration system that compression-condensation-throttling-evaporation are the four essential elements of the refrigeration process, and the equipment used to complete this process is the refrigeration equipment. In order to make the refrigeration more humane and smarter, modern refrigeration technology usually adds some integration The module realizes a series of functions such as intelligent operation interface, remote control and circuit protection device.

What is refrigeration equipment?

Equipment that completes the entire process of the refrigeration system.

Nowadays, refrigeration technology is applied everywhere in people's life and industrial production, and refrigeration equipment covers all corners of industry, agriculture, commerce, food, and breeding. According to different production needs, different refrigeration chillers have also emerged.

Commonly seen are cooling water circulation machines such as: cooling towers, water chillers, ice water machines, screw chillers, industrial air coolers, air conditioner refrigerators, freeze dryers, constant temperature and humidity air conditioners, low temperature refrigerators for refrigerated cold storage, Keep fresh and cool. Wide range of usefulness is indispensable in life now.

Temperature is just like sunlight. We cannot do without. Refrigeration equipment is temperature and humidity control equipment.

For the selection of refrigeration equipment, you must be equipped with appropriate refrigeration equipment to match your own industrial production according to your actual industrial needs, otherwise the refrigeration equipment will not be fully functional, and will even cause production lag or waste of operating costs.

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