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What is the best undercounter refrigerator?

What is the best undercounter refrigerator?

What is an undercounter refrigerator?

Workbench is a kind of kitchen refrigerator, also called fresh-keeping operation table, which integrates food preservation and preparation and cooking, and is used for daily work in milk tea shops, coffee shops, hotels, fast food restaurants and other kitchens. The inside of the box can freeze and keep the food fresh, and the top flat panel can be used to place kitchen utensils and spare food materials to directly dispense drinks or cook food to optimize the kitchen space.

Features of undercounter refrigerator:

The structure of the fresh-keeping workbench is basically the same as that of the freezer. It consists of three parts: a box, a refrigeration system, and a temperature control device. As people’s requirements for kitchen appliances continue to increase, products with refrigeration functions alone can no longer meet people’s needs for fresh-keeping workbenches. More and more functions make the original kitchen workbench not only capable of working in the kitchen, but also You can walk out of the store and provide an operating countertop for vendors who do not have a fixed storefront to operate outside, saving space, one machine with two functions, and ensuring food safety.

 1. Cabinet material:

In order to ensure the safety and durability of the fresh-keeping workbench, the cabinet is generally made of safe and environmentally friendly stainless steel, with good surface finish and uniform thickness of the entire board. The use of appropriate thickness not only ensures a long service life, but also makes the appearance of the workbench flat and strong. It is easy to operate and clean, convenient, sanitary and beautiful.

 2. Cooling System:

Compressors generally use international big-brand products to ensure stable performance and quality. The pipe materials are mostly copper pipes or Bondi pipes, which have good corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. The appropriate pipe thickness can ensure the service life of the body and make the refrigerant No leakage.

 3. Temperature control device:

The main function of automatic temperature control is to switch on the compressor when the temperature in the box is too high to make the refrigeration system work, thereby reducing the box temperature; when the box temperature drops to the required temperature, the compressor is powered off; while manual temperature control It can meet the user's different temperature requirements for different work scenarios, and adjust it by itself.

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