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What is the cause of the cold and hot condenser of the freezer?

What is the cause of the cold and hot condenser of the freezer?

We know that the condenser of the freezer is used for heat dissipation. It releases the heat generated by the air curtain cabinet during cooling to the surrounding environment. In the current design, there are mainly two design methods. One is to hang it on the back of the air curtain display cabinet, which is more common in the early stage, and the other is to hide it on the side panels of the air curtain cabinet. Inside, this is a relatively new way, and its main purpose is to look beautiful and reduce condensation on the side panels.

When the freezer is cooling, the condenser starts to heat up. When the air curtain is shut down, the cooling stops, and the temperature of the condenser slowly decreases, and finally the temperature drops to 2 to 3 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. In summer, heat can be felt on both sides, but there is always a higher temperature on one side. In other seasons, one side may not heat up. This is because the heat load is small and the condenser area is relatively large. So the temperature on the other side is already equivalent to the ambient temperature.

The quickest way to check whether the freezer is good or not is whether you can feel the heat of the condenser shortly after turning it on. If not, the freezer may not be cooled. Compared with the ambient temperature, the maximum temperature of the refrigerator condenser is generally about 10 degrees higher. Since the condenser sticks the pipes on the side plate, there are certain differences in temperature at different points on the side plate.

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