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What is the commercial freezer?

What is the commercial freezer?

Commercial freezer is the mall supermarkets, juice stores, frozen goods stores, hotels restaurants catering stores and other commercial services operating methods stores to store ice cream, drinks, dairy products, frozen food, food ingredients, such as frozen or refrigerated freezer. Commercial freezers have a strong professional ability, not only has a professional storage temperature regulations, and also has strong regulations on the show, show good freezers can effectively promote the operator's market sales, and thus a typical characteristic of commercial freezers is the choice of single or double full transparent glass sliding door, customers do not need to open the freezer door fan can see the internal objects.

China's commercial freezer sales market is significantly different from the home freezer sales market in terms of approach, commodities and other areas. Commercial freezer sales market is mainly by the field of large customer sales market and terminal equipment scattered customer sales market, in which, the key to the freezer manufacturer to the company sales method to cover the field of customer sales market, every year according to the beverage, ice cream field of large customer bidding tender clear commercial freezer purchase will, and in the scattered customer sales market is mainly covered with the help of agents.

Commercial freezers are generally divided into commercial freezers, commercial refrigerated freezers, restaurant kitchen refrigerators three categories, capacity from 20L to 1600L vary. In which the commercial refrigeration cabinet cabinet temperature in 0-10 degrees, widely used in a variety of drinks, dairy products and fresh fruit, bouquets and other storage market sales. According to the business method is divided into column type, top open type, air curtain type, column type cooler is divided into a door, double doors, three doors, multi-door, top open type has barrel-shaped, square, air curtain type contains the front open and top storage of the same industry two kinds.

At this stage, the country sales market to the column commercial freezer is dominant, accounting for 90% of the total volume of the market above. Commercial refrigerated freezer cabinet temperature is generally below -15 degrees, the key to ice cream, frozen dumplings, soup dumplings, frozen meat storage market sales. According to the structure form and field application method is divided into vertical ice cream cabinet, island type frozen food cabinet, column type commercial refrigerated freezer, desktop all-in-one cabinet, playing basketball cabinet. Vertical ice cream cabinet for our market commercial refrigerated freezer popular, universal capacity from 100L to 600L vary, island type frozen food cabinet commonly known as island cabinet, is frozen food customers, aquatic products operators, etc. pro-grade product categories; column type commercial refrigerated freezer because of its show total area higher, show the actual effect of more image, the key applicable to high-end ice cream storage market sales.

Restaurant kitchen refrigerator, also known as restaurant kitchen freezer, is used for the restaurant industry to store materials of ultra-low temperature storage equipment. Because the restaurant kitchen refrigerator for the natural environment for the restaurant kitchen, and to touch the food and raw materials, should have wear and tear, corrosion resistance, fire safety, antibacterial, environmental health and other characteristics, so the restaurant kitchen refrigerator extensive stainless steel plate. Restaurant kitchen refrigerator according to the structural characteristics and door is generally divided into tabletop all-in-one, two doors, four doors, six doors, etc., restaurant kitchen refrigerator tailgate upgrade, indicating that the box is divided into different temperature categories of indoor space number upgrade, so that the function of restaurant kitchen refrigerator more tend to be sound, different storage temperature provisions of objects can be stored in different doors, can reduce the mutual influence of storage stuff,. At the same time, it helps to reduce the leakage of cold air.

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