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What is the difference between a commercial fridge and a domestic fridge?

What is the difference between a commercial fridge and a domestic fridge?

The differences between commercial refrigerators and household refrigerators are as follows:

Commercial refrigerators have different functions according to different uses. There are refrigerators, freezers and dual temperature cabinets.


Generally, the cabinets of supermarket refrigerators, convenience store refrigerators and dessert shop cake and bread refrigerated display cabinets are all single-temperature cabinets, which are either refrigerated or frozen. Only part of the stainless steel refrigerators used in the kitchen have dual temperature cabinets, which can be refrigerated and frozen. Single-temperature commercial freezers are generally integrated, and it is easier to smell different foods if they are stored.

In terms of appearance: the volume of commercial refrigerators is generally much larger than that of refrigerators. Not very power efficient. The appearance is relatively simple. They are generally used for commercial purposes, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, KTV, etc. Therefore, refrigerators are also called commercial refrigerators.

The general volume of a refrigerator is smaller than that of a freezer. More power saving. The appearance is more beautiful, the workmanship is fine, and it is generally more suitable for home use.


The refrigerator is composed of a freezer compartment and a fresh-keeping refrigerating compartment, which can be used for refrigerating and freezing, and the temperature is also different. The cold storage room is also the fresh-keeping room. It can store fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked rice, meat, and steamed bread. Garlic is not easy to sprout, and it can also store mung beans and red dates without insects.

The freezer compartment can store meat food and can be stored raw or cooked. It can also store ice creams bought from the wholesale market, beverages in plastic bottles, and glass bottles that are not easy to store and will be frozen; this way, storing food separately in cold storage and freezing is not easy to odor.

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