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What is the difference between a frost refrigerator and a non-frost refrigerator?

What is the difference between a frost refrigerator and a non-frost refrigerator?

How the refrigerator works

Although the refrigerator's cooling modes are divided into direct cooling, air cooling and mixed cooling, the working principle of the refrigerator is the same, and it is similar to the air conditioner in our home, and it is a heat porter. The operation of the compressor promotes the flow of refrigerant, reduces the temperature of the evaporator, realizes heat exchange on the heat exchanger, transfers the low temperature to the inside of the refrigerator, and releases heat to the outside of the refrigerator.

As mentioned above, in order to cool the refrigerator, the low temperature must be transferred to the refrigerator. According to the way the refrigerator transmits the low temperature, the refrigerator is divided into three different cooling modes: direct cooling, air cooling and mixed cooling.


Direct cooling refrigerator

As the name suggests, the direct cooling refrigerator cools the air in the refrigerator, and the air inside is not circulating. It is refrigerated by the evaporator and absorbs the heat in the food or indoor air through heat transfer to cool it down. Freezing food and cooling liquid is slow. It’s impossible to drink the drinks I bought in the summer on ice immediately. Therefore, direct cooling refrigerators are still more suitable for the Great North where the cold time is long. Because there is not much time to store food in the refrigerator a year, the frost in the refrigerator produces less

Advantages of direct cooling refrigerators: relatively low power consumption, low price, low noise, slow food moisture loss

Disadvantages of direct cooling refrigerators: slow cooling speed, uneven temperature in the box, easy frosting on the back wall of the refrigerating tank and freezer compartment evaporator, and defrosting is troublesome.

Air-cooled refrigerator

The air-cooled refrigerator is to blow cold air in the refrigerator, using a fan to pass air into the condenser, and then blow it into the refrigerator after cooling, and then continue to circulate. Therefore, it is easier to dry the food. Of course, the mid-to-high-end air cooling has effectively solved this problem. The air-cooled refrigerator cools quickly, and it has more functions. And the air-cooling capacity is large, and the food is stored! More suitable for the south and most areas.

Advantages of air-cooled refrigerators: fast and uniform cooling speed, fast freezing of food and good freshness. There is no frost, the inside of the refrigerator is clean, and there is no food sticking phenomenon.

Disadvantages of air-cooled refrigerators: high power consumption, slightly louder noise, and fast food moisture loss.

Mixed cold refrigerator

Mixed-cooling refrigerators are actually air-cooled + direct-cooled refrigerators. The refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment of the refrigerator use different cooling methods. The freezer compartment of the mixed-cooling refrigerator is direct cooling, and the evaporator is close to the inner wall of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, while the refrigerating compartment is air-cooled, and the fan blows low temperature into the refrigerating compartment.

Advantages of mixed-cooling refrigerators: advantages of direct cooling + advantages of air cooling

Disadvantages of mixed-cooling refrigerators: expensive, only equipped with high-end models, low cost performance.

How to choose direct cooling, air cooling or mixed cooling?

Since direct cooling, air cooling and mixed cooling refrigerators each have their own advantages and disadvantages, which one should we choose for our family refrigerator?

First of all, we must understand one thing: the larger the capacity of the refrigerators on the market, the higher the price. For example, refrigerators with multiple doors and cross-door refrigerators are all air-cooled refrigerators. There is no direct cooling for us to choose. In the same way, the smaller the capacity, the lower the price. For example, single-door and double-door refrigerators are all direct cooling refrigerators, and there is no air cooling for us to choose.

Therefore, in the choice of direct cooling and air cooling, the first step depends on the actual situation of our family and personal budget. Often the actual situation of the family and the level of budget directly determine the refrigeration method of the refrigerator.

Secondly, if you consider it purely from the experience of use, air-cooled refrigerators have more advantages than direct-cooled refrigerators. You can choose air-cooled ones. Try not to choose direct-cooling. After all, air-cooled refrigerators are more expensive than direct-cooled refrigerators. Goods, high-end refrigerators are basically air-cooled, especially refrigerators with larger capacity, only air-cooling can achieve a more uniform temperature.

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