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What is the difference between a stainless steel cooler and an ordinary cooler?

What is the difference between a stainless steel cooler and an ordinary cooler?

Stainless steel freezer is a common commercial freezer, because of its simple and generous design and welcomed by many consumers, mainly used in the hotel kitchen and restaurant, now there are more and more businesses to buy stainless steel freezer, which is why?

What is the difference?

(1) different materials. Because of the difference in material, the two in the use, price, maintenance has produced a different. The former because of the use of stainless steel material, strong, durable, clean and smooth surface. And ordinary freezers are used synthetic compressed materials, sturdiness is not as good as the former.

(2) the use of the scope of different. Stainless steel cooler use a wide range, can be applied to a variety of environments, mainly in the hotel kitchen, also known as the kitchen cooler. Ordinary freezers are mainly used in convenience stores, such as convenience store display cabinets, stores such as ice cream cabinets.

3) Different specifications and volume. Stainless steel refrigerator has a single door, double door, multi-door, vertical and horizontal structure, volume and capacity is generally larger, while the ordinary freezer volume is smaller.

(4) different prices. Because of the stainless steel freezer strong and durable, corrosion-resistant properties, the price will be much higher than the ordinary freezer, in addition to the larger the capacity, the more expensive the price is relatively. And the ordinary freezer price is relatively cheap, service life is not as long as the stainless steel freezer, so we recommend to buy a good one.


Several advantages of the BESTTOP stainless steel freezer

(1) The whole product adopts the modular design concept, each part is produced independently of each other, and finally the whole assembly, interchangeability is strong, easy to install and disassemble.

2)Built by German experts and domestic experts, the product has passed a number of certifications and can work well at 40 degrees ambient temperature.

3) Compressor, fan and key components are made of international brands to ensure product performance and quality.

4)The whole product is fully weld-free design to avoid welding and polishing the rust-proof ability of stainless steel.

(5) glass door unique foaming process, no spelling stainless steel door frame design, high-end atmosphere.

(6) the bottom is equipped with stainless steel adjustable height feet

(7) the inner bottom with stainless steel stretching and stamping molding process, to enhance the product grade, easy to clean.

(8) door frame built-in heating wire, effectively prevent the door frame condensation. Heating wire with removable function, convenient to replace maintenance.

(9) heat dissipation holes using louver mold stamping molding.

BESTTOP cooler focus on providing users with fresh industry-related, 1-to-1 exclusive consulting services, from pre-sales, sales to after-sales coverage of the entire process, anytime, anywhere to provide users with one-stop cooler solutions on fresh.

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