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What is the difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled commercial refrigerators?

What is the difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled commercial refrigerators?

There are two common refrigeration methods for refrigerators, one is air cooling and the other is direct cooling. So what is the difference between these two? The air-cooled type has no frost, and the direct-cooled type has frost. The two refrigeration methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the key depends on what you are suitable for. Below we will give you a detailed analysis of the specific conditions of the two refrigerators.

1. The direct cooling type has better moisturizing effect, and the air-cooled food is easy to air dry.

Air-cooled refrigerators quickly freeze food by creating cold air. Compared with direct cooling, air-cooled is easier to control the temperature and cools faster, but food is easy to air dry, and low-end air-cooled refrigerators do not have moisture retention. It is functional, but the direct cooling type is better, and the food with good moisturizing effect will not dry out.

2. The air-cooled type consumes more power, and the direct-cooled type saves more power.

In general, the service life of an electric freezer is 12 years. A common 200-liter air-cooled electric freezer consumes 1.4kwh a day. If this is calculated, it needs a total of 6132kwh in its life cycle. A direct-cooled electric freezer under the same conditions The power consumption is 800-900kwh less than the air-cooled type.

3. The direct cooling type freezer has frost but the air cooling type does not.

Because the temperature in the direct cooling freezer is uneven, there will be frost, and the frost has to be defrosted every time, and the cleaning work is very laborious. There is no frost in the air-cooled box, but there is a little bit in the air duct, but there is no need to worry that the frost freezer in the air duct will remove it by itself.

4. Air-cooled freezer is more noisy than direct-cooled freezer.

Under normal circumstances, the family puts the refrigerator in the kitchen or living room, so it should not be very sensitive to noise. The air-cooled type of the refrigerator of the same specification is 2 to 3 decibels higher than the direct-cooled type. In fact, the difference is It is not visible outside, but if the refrigerator is to be placed in the bedroom, it needs to be carefully considered.

5. The cooling effect of air-cooled freezer is better

The air-cooled freezer has even air, so the temperature control is more accurate. If you want to buy a larger freezer at home, then the air-cooled is better.

6. The advantages of direct cooling refrigerators: good moisturizing, low price, and fast cooling; 

disadvantages: easy to smell, frost, and difficult to clean.

7. The advantages of air-cooled refrigerators: no frost, precise temperature, uniform cooling; 

disadvantages: food is easy to air dry, noise is high, and the price is more expensive.

In fact, the current trend of air-cooled refrigerators is the mainstream. If you take into account the problem that food is easy to dry, then it is recommended that you choose a better air-cooled refrigerator, because the advanced air-cooled refrigerators are equipped with moisturizing function, which can perfectly solve you this problem. Of course, this is only a personal suggestion, after all, the choice of the freezer should be based on your needs.

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