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What is the difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled refrigerators?

What is the difference between air-cooled and direct-cooled refrigerators?

With the continuous development of the modern market, various needs continue to increase, and various products naturally have to continue to improve to meet people's increasingly high-end needs. Freezers are naturally no exception. Now there are freezers with direct cooling and air cooling for everyone to choose from. Let's introduce the difference between refrigeration and air cooling from the fresh-keeping cabinet to help you make the right choice.

1. The size of the space

Compared with direct cooling, air-cooled refrigeration has an absolute advantage in terms of temperature balance. If we need to buy a fresh-keeping cabinet with more compartments and large volume, then air-cooled is the most suitable.

2. Defrosting technology

Air-cooled fresh-keeping cabinets can be automatically frosted. In contrast, direct-cooling fresh-keeping cabinets require manual defrosting, which is very annoying. Although general freezers have their own ways to reduce the frosting of freezers, it is inevitable that they will Frost layer is generated, and the more times the door is opened, the higher the frequency we need to defrost, so if you don't want to manually defrost the freezer frequently, air cooling is a better choice.

3. Noise

Air-cooled fresh-keeping cabinets are cooled by fan blowing, so the air-cooled fresh-keeping cabinets we use will generate a bit more noise than direct-cooling fresh-keeping cabinets, but if they are used reasonably, they will not cause much difference. Of course, if you particularly like quietness, you can give priority to direct cooling cabinets.

4. Energy consumption

Energy saving is the biggest advantage of direct cooling fresh-keeping cabinets. Generally speaking, the power consumption of air-cooling fresh-keeping cabinets will be about 1.5 times that of direct cooling fresh-keeping cabinets. From this aspect alone, direct cooling is a better choice.

In general, air-cooled and direct-cooled fresh-keeping cabinets have their own advantages. We can make our own choices according to our actual needs and hobbies.

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