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What is the difference between direct cooling, air cooling, and air curtain cabinets?

What is the difference between direct cooling, air cooling, and air curtain cabinets?

Direct cooling: The evaporator in the freezer is of copper tube or iron tube type, and the pipeline is generally hidden in the foamed insulation layer. When refrigerating, the items are cooled by air convection in the cabinet; the refrigeration process of direct cooling is slower, there is frost, and manual defrosting is required for a long time.


Air cooling: The freezer is equipped with a finned evaporator. Compared with the direct cooling tube evaporator, the evaporation area is many times larger, and there is a fan. The fan drives the air in the cabinet to circulate through the finned evaporator to make the inside of the freezer The temperature drops quickly, and the air-cooled system generally does not need to be manually defrosted, and the defrosting is adjusted by the controller.

Air curtain cabinet: improved on the basis of the air-cooled cabinet, the evaporator and compressor unit are larger, and there is an independent air duct, and the air curtain can be blown out from the front of the cabinet, so that the air curtain cabinet can keep the cabinet inside the cabinet without a door. The fresh-keeping temperature of 2-8 degrees, which greatly facilitates customers to take things, enhances the customer's shopping experience, and is conducive to product display and sales.

Therefore, air curtain cabinets, air freezers, and direct freezers are three completely different types of refrigeration equipment. Pay attention to the difference when purchasing such products.

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