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What Is the Difference between Refrigeration and Freezing on Food?

What Is the Difference between Refrigeration and Freezing on Food?

1. Common misunderstandings about refrigeration and freezing

Do you think that both refrigeration and freezing can guarantee the freshness of food? In fact, this is not the case. There is a certain difference between refrigeration and freezing.


2. The different effects of cold storage and freezing on food

Refrigeration is suitable for ensuring the fresh quality of food for a short period of time. It is not suitable for storing food for a long time. When we put food in the freezer, there will be different changes. Putting the food in the refrigerator will not damage the food in the freezer. Nutrients and value are only used to ensure the fresh quality of food. But in the freezer, it becomes different. The freezer will lock all the water and nutrients of the food itself and freeze it into ice, so that it can achieve longevity. The purpose of time preservation, but also has a big impact on the nutrients of food.

The ice in the food will crystallize during the freezing process. The kitchen reach in freezer lowers the overall temperature of the freezer, condensing all the water in the food itself into ice, and the nutrients will also condense into ice crystals to achieve the effect of freezing and storing food for a long time.

The temperature in the refrigerator is around 2-8 degrees, which is the most suitable temperature for food storage. Putting fruits and vegetables in the freezer can keep the food fresh for a period of time. If the temperature is very stable, the shelf life of food can be extended to a certain extent. The refrigerator is mainly used to keep fresh and display fruits, vegetables, yogurt, fresh meat and other products.


Therefore, the choice between refrigeration and freezing is determined by the characteristics of the food itself. When we buy a freezer, we can explain to the merchant what kind of food we store and let the merchant give suggestions.


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