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What is the difference between refrigerator and freezer?

What is the difference between refrigerator and freezer?

In the very hot summer, in order to keep food fresh and not deteriorate too quickly, refrigeration equipment has become one of the necessary electrical appliances. Refrigerator and freezer are currently used more frequently. So what is the difference between refrigerator and freezer?


1. Different functions and uses

In addition to freezing food, freezer can also refrigerate food, which plays a role in keeping food fresh. General household refrigerators are relatively small and have many functions, so they are used more in general households. The function of the freezer is relatively simple. It can only be frozen but not refrigerated. Relatively speaking, its price will be lower, and it is very suitable for use in stores, especially in cold drink shops and supermarkets, and the cost will be relatively low. There is also a relatively large cooling capacity of the freezer, which is mainly for commercial use.


2. Different storage space

Freezers generally have two storage spaces, one for freezing food, the temperature can be set below minus 18 degrees; and the other is for refrigerating food, the temperature will be between 1-10 degrees, used for short time to keep food fresh is more suitable for family use, and it is generally a vertical structure. Freezers are purely frozen foods. The space is relatively large. Most of them are horizontal structures. They are generally used in shops or food stores and are not suitable for household use.


3. Different capacities

The difference between a freezer and a refrigerator is mainly in the capacity and appearance. The family generally chooses to choose a freezer, because the freezer can be divided into two parts: freezing and preservation. Meat and seafood can be placed in the freezer, while vegetables and eggs can be placed. In the fresh-keeping room, it will be more convenient to use. The freezer has low noise and saves electricity. If it is used for business, such as selling popsicles, seafood, etc., the refrigerator is generally chosen. It freezes quickly and has a large storage capacity, which is more affordable.


1. Compressor

The first identification of a freezer depends on its compressor. All high-quality convenience store display cabinets use commercial compressors. Commercial compressors have good starting performance and complete specifications from small to large refrigeration capacity, and can be configured in different ways according to different requirements of the product. Only commercial compressors can adapt to the harsh operating environment of the freezer, frequent starts, and long running time to ensure product quality. Although the price of commercial compressors is higher than that of domestic compressors, the failure rate is less than two thousandths.


2. Foam layer

Then look at the thickness of the foam layer of the freezer cabinet, just like the thermal underwear of the freezer, the thicker the insulation, the better the result, the less heat is lost and the lower the power consumption. In addition, aluminum tubes are used in the refrigeration pipelines of low-quality display freezers, which have poor cooling results because of poor thermal conductivity. The high-quality display freezer uses high-quality copper tubes, which have good thermal conductivity, fast cooling speed and strong fresh-keeping effect.


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