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What is the kitchen catering freezer?

What is the kitchen catering freezer?

Kitchen cooler is a necessity for restaurants, mainly used to refrigerate, freeze, preserve food or vegetables, fresh meat, etc., is the right assistant to open a restaurant.

No matter how much you buy the price of the cooler is the price of the cooler with a long time or will appear odor, but also parasitic bacteria. So the maintenance of the freezer and sterilization is essential.

Cleaning freezers to pay attention to what matters. First of all, the biggest role of the freezer is in the summer, and winter will also be used to But the relative role is still less than the summer.

Generally is frozen food, so in a long time not to clean then there will be odor, that is, there is bacterial growth. So the freezer cleaning and maintenance is essential.

(1) the back of the freezer, the back of the freezer in general, is the location of the freezer compressor, condenser and other major parts of the freezer, can not use a wet rag, only a dry rag, or use a brush to remove. To ensure the best effect of heat dissipation, note that in the cleaning can not use alcohol, washing powder, gasoline, acid-soluble strong liquid.

(2) the freezer is cold, naturally, to keep away from hot objects, away from heat sources, can not be subject to direct sunlight. Because the freezer in the work and the outside world need to carry out a temperature exchange, is by the condenser to the outside world for heat dissipation. The higher the outside temperature, the cooler inside the condenser's heat dissipation will be slower. Not only affect the cooling speed of the cooler, and power consumption. Also reduces the service life of the cooler.

(3) the cold cabinet accessories cleaning. Freezer door seal stain to remove as soon as possible, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of the door seal, and the aging of the seal thus affecting the freezer sealing performance, causing internal temperature rise and power consumption increase. It is worth noting that the following doorway is the most likely to receive pollution, more often need to check.

(4) the freezer odor removal. Freezers in the process is to avoid freezers produce odor, freezers must have odor is a bacterial breeding (sometimes freezer defrost defrost also have odor). That is, to the inside of the freezer wall for a disinfection cleanup, first of all, the freezer power off, open the freezer door. Defrost and clean. Then use deodorant or electronic deodorant. If not yet cleaned, you can clean the inside of the freezer and accessories, put half a glass of white wine or iodine to close the freezer door for 24 hours.

With the cooler crossed into the catering industry, health, fast, convenient, affordable" consumer philosophy, everywhere, more and more entrepreneurs see business opportunities to join the restaurant catering industry, because the ingredients to preserve the freshness of the trouble, as well as the quality of the dishes in the back of the kitchen, and thus the kitchen cooler smoothly into the major catering industry, become one of the major catering necessary cooler.

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