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What is the reason for the loud noise of the freezer?

What is the reason for the loud noise of the freezer?

Why do you always feel the noise of the freezer is a bit loud? This depends on the noise level of the freezer. Generally speaking, because the freezer is working, there will definitely be some sound of mechanical operation and the sound of refrigerant turning into liquid. In addition, the freezer is placed in different environments, and the noise level is also different, so it is normal to hear the noise.

The sound of commercial refrigerators is much louder than that of household appliances at work. However, if the noise of the refrigerator is very loud and even unbearable, it is likely that there is a problem with the refrigerator itself, which requires professional inspection.

In order to reduce the noise of the freezer, we can pay attention to the following points in daily use:

1. When placing the freezer, adjust the bottom corner to keep it stable.

2. Try to keep a certain distance between the freezer and other objects or furniture to prevent resonance.

3. The freezer should be placed as far away from the rest room as possible.

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