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What is the reason for the unstable temperature inside the beverage display cabinet?

What is the reason for the unstable temperature inside the beverage display cabinet?

Appearing temperature is too low for the following reasons.

1. temperature controller on the knob, scheduling to the coldest orientation, so the compressor work for a long time, the beverage display cabinet temperature drop is low. 

2 temperature controller on the two contacts stick, always connected to the power supply, the compressor keeps working refrigeration, resulting in the beverage display cabinet temperature drops very low.  

3 temperature controller on the temperature sensing package is not tightly attached to the evaporator back to the gas tube constitutes temperature sensing out of control, so that the compressor is not parked, long-time operation refrigeration, constituting refrigeration temperature drop too low. 

4. beverage display cabinet temperature scheduling is too low, should be adjusted in the normal temperature range, that is, between 4-8 degrees is appropriate, if the mechanical thermostat, the gear digital adjustment can be low.

5. beverage display cabinet after the wall deformation convex, resulting in the evaporator with the inside, respectively, cold temperature conduction obstruction constituted, should be contacted with the manufacturer after-sales service for repair.

6. short-circuit temperature sensor can not normally control the compressor operation time

Treatment methods.

1. First of all, we must ensure that according to the food refrigeration temperature requirements, the temperature controller on the knob scheduling to the appropriate orientation, generally in the higher orientation, that is, the weak cold point.

2. Then first check the contact sticking original plus, then overhaul and cleaning. Generally there are the following reasons: there is no refrigerant or refrigerant shortage in the sensing temperature package; the sensing temperature package is not tightly affixed to the return pipe; the temperature controller

3. The scheduling screw is not adjusted well, so that the spring force is too small.

4. Fix the temperature-sensing package tightly on the air return pipe, and there should be no loose phenomenon.

5. Remove the temperature controller for overhaul or exchange the new thermostat.

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