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What is the reason why the fresh-keeping cabinet is not refrigerated?

What is the reason why the fresh-keeping cabinet is not refrigerated?

1.Improper temperature control adjustment, and the refrigerator running time is too short.

2.The temperature compensation circuit is open or malfunctions.

3.The leakage of refrigerant decreases and the cooling capacity decreases.

4. The piping system is oily or dirty, and the refrigeration effect is reduced.

What should I do if the fresh-keeping cabinet is not refrigerated?

1. If your fresh-keeping display cabinet is of indirect cooling type, check whether the fan can work. Open the door of the freezer compartment and press the button on the edge of the box opening to see if the fan can work. If the fan does not work, the horizontal freezer will not be cooled. In addition, too much food in the box will also affect the cooling effect.

2. Check whether the power connection is normal. Open the door of the box to see if the lighting inside the box can be turned on, or test with an electric pen.

3. If the compressor can work, judge whether there is refrigerant in the refrigeration system. Let the horizontal refrigerator run for a few minutes and then unplug it, and listen carefully for the sound of liquid movement in the copper pipe. If not, it means that the refrigerant in the system has leaked, or the compressor has lost its ability to work.

4. If the power connection is normal, listen to whether the compressor is working. The compressor will make a small and vibrating motor sound when working normally.

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