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What is the reason why the refrigerator compressor does not start?

What is the reason why the refrigerator compressor does not start?

If the compressor of the freezer cannot be started, first check whether the thermostat of the freezer has turned away from the stop position and whether the shaft of the defrost timer has deviated from the defrost position. If the compressor still does not start, there are the following 4 possible causes of the failure.

1. Refrigerator thermostat failure

The temperature sensor of the ordinary thermostat leaks, the transmission mechanism fails, and the contacts are severely oxidized, which will make the contacts unable to normally close and connect the compressor circuit. The failure of the thermistor of the electronic thermostat and the damage or deterioration of related components can also cause the compressor to fail to start.

2. Circuit failure

The power cord is open, the power cord plug is in poor contact with the socket, the starting relay, the overload protector terminal is off or the contact is poor, and the compressor motor lead terminal is off.

3. Open circuit of start relay and overload protector

The PTC starting relay breaks down and the circuit breaks, the current coil of the combined starting relay is burnt or the armature is stuck so that the contacts are in a normally open state, the heating wire of the overload protector is burned, the starting capacitor fails, etc., all will block the main circuit and make the compressor impossible start up.

4. The compressor itself is malfunctioning

Such as compressor shaft holding or cylinder jam, compressor motor winding burned, etc. The main reason for frequent compressor startup is the overcurrent in the circuit.

(1) The starting relay fails. After the compressor is started, its contacts cannot be released, so that the starting winding cannot be disconnected. The operating current of the whole machine can be more than 5 times higher than the normal operating current.

(2) Poor insulation of compressor motor windings or short-circuit between winding turns increases the operating current.

(3) During the overhaul process, because the original components cannot be purchased, they do not match when substituting. If the starting relay or overload protector used does not match the compressor, the pull-in current of the starting relay or the operating current of the overload protector is too small, which may cause the compressor to start frequently.

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