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What is the usual reason for the freezer not cooling?

What is the usual reason for the freezer not cooling?

If the cooler belongs to the air-cooled type, it is necessary to check whether the cooler compressor can work, check whether the cooler power connection is normal; if the cooler compressor can work, it can judge whether the refrigeration system has refrigerant (commonly known as snow), and then listen carefully to the flow of liquid in the steel pipe. Check whether we put too much food in the cooler, which will lead to the cooler door is not properly sealed and closed. If not sealed, the cold air inside the cooler will be fused with the high temperature outside, the temperature will drop accordingly, which not only fails to achieve the cooling effect of the cooler, but also increases the power consumption of the cooler.

For some freezers without automatic defrost, we need to manually defrost. At this time, we need to check whether the frost layer inside the cooler due to long-term defrost and too thick, resulting in the cooler cold heat exchange can not be normal, and ultimately affect the cooling effect of the cooler. If the cooler has automatic defrost function, it is recommended to check whether there is a thick layer of frost on the evaporator, only open the evaporator to see.

Temperature setting is not reasonable, if you start using the cooler, if the cooler has not reached the temperature set by the cooler, there is no downtime, indicating that there is a problem with the temperature controller, if you can reach the temperature, it may be due to the cooler compressor overheating protection and other faults caused by. It is normal for the cooler to have no cooling or poor cooling effect in the process of use. Therefore, if we encounter similar problems, we can understand the basic detection methods to find out the causes and solve them, and also reduce some losses of food in the cooler in time.

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